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April Specials


  • 80 mins Foot Reflexology and Body massage Combo $50 (10 mins foot soaking, 50 mins foot reflexology ,20 mins body massage in the foot massage sofa  ) 
  • GM Collin Collagen Facial For Lines and Wrinkles $120 (120 mins session)
An intense treatment for immediate and long-lasting improvement of your skin. Visibly reduces lines and wrinkles.

What's New--

Body Massage with Cupping therapy 

$60 for 80 mins Session 

Cupping  , An Ancient healing therapy

Cupping is one of the oldest modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine used to expel the body of toxins. An accumulation of toxins and waste can stagnate in the muscles due to poor circulation, blockage of Qi (energy), or an injury that never fully healed. The vacuum action of cupping releases these toxins by targeting the meridian channels—through which life energy flows freely throughout the body, and provides a smoother and more free flowing Qi.

In China, cupping is mainly used for respiratory conditions (bronchitis, asthma, congestion), arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, and certain types of pain. It can also be used to treat depression and reduce swelling. Explore the benefits of cupping if you seek relief from stress, fatigue, pain, allergies, cold/flu, fever, back pain, anxiety, muscle aches, red itchy skin conditions, etc.

The basic idea behind cupping therapy is to place glass cups or silicone cups on the patient’s skin to create a vacuum, so the blood is drawn to the surface of the skin in specific parts of the body that need healing. Traditional Chinese practitioners discuss different areas, or meridians, of the body that are used to transfer energy. They believe each body has twelve different meridians and treatment can be applied to each meridian for a myriad of reason.

Ours Massage and cupping session is considered an alternative medicine to help with pain management and induces feelings of relaxation and stress relief to ease tension. we focus on relax the tight muscle around upper shoulder and lower back .

 but also, After the session ,small bruises or redness will remain on the treated areas of the body, most commonly the back. This is due to all the blood being forced to the surface of the skin. for the detoxification , please consider drinking plenty water before and after the treatment.

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Address: 7 Old highway 22, Clinton NJ 08809
Telephone: 908-735-9615

In-Store Special : $50/hour Massage Therapy ( Signature Massage, Swedish, and Aroma Therapy)
$50 for 80 mins Foot Reflexology and Body Massage Combo ( including ,10 mins foot soaking , 50 mins foot reflexology , and 20 mins Body Massage in the foot massage sofa )

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About Us

Asian Lotus Spa and Health brings yesterday’s ancient massage techniques (Tuina, Acupressure) into Western style (Swedish) sequence, aromatherapy to ease the stress, dealing the mind and relaxing the body.

Our signature massage includes traditional Chinese medicine and trigger point therapy. We do concentrated pressure point for increasing body meridian circulation which dissolves your body’s aches and strains.

Our Facial service focus on Asian Facial Technical ability mix American multi-cultures style, delivering personalized , dedicated service . All of the Facial services designed to deliver immediate results .     

We combine both ancient and contemporary techniques into a natural manner. All our professional technicians apply a unique therapy to bring Yin-Yang balance to meet the needs of each individual.