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     Winter Special  (Holidays Special )

10 times 1-hour body massage for $600 (cash only,800 Value)
The Best Deal in the year .this package won't expired, you can share it with your families and friends as well, also, 1 hour basic facial also can be redeemed with this package. 
One hour Body massage with One hour basic facial , and One hour foot reflexology , three hours spa package for $198 (cash only, $250 Value ) .
You will have one hour massage and one hour facial in the room , then we will make you a nice cheese plate or Chocolate snakes when you soaking your foot feet about 10 mins in the foot massage chair Area , then we finish your foot reflexology session  .
30 mins body massage with 30 mins Head Treatment with 30 mins foot reflexology for $110 (Cash)
30 mins body massage will be more focus on your upper back, with different pressure you like;   second, we will do a head treatment massage with a great facial cream and eucalyptus essential oil, Guasha tool will be used at the last 5 mins scalp massage.  then the last 30 mins will do foot reflexology finish with hot stone and hot towel. 

Two Hours Collagen Facial and Botinal facial with get a Chemical Peel for free  (the best treatment for your youngful look during the holidays , $160 cash , $230 Value)


Weather getting Cold  , you might need ...

Hand and foot reflexology combo
star with 30 mins hands and Arm massage, warp up your hands with hand mask with hot gloves ,then 30 mins foot reflexology finish with hot stone .

Hand Massage
Relaxing Massage

What's New... 

Manual Lymph DrainageMassageTherapy,

$120/hour (appointment only)

Head Massage
Head Massage


                     Facial and Scalp Massage

                                                            -- Head Treatment

Do you have Tension Headache ? Do you have Sinuses Headache ? Do you have neck pain Or feeling Foggy ?or Do you even like getting hair touched? recently we are having higher amount of customers suffering sinuses blockage problems because of the spring season. As the Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture, it is the time to take care your Lung Meridian Energy Flow , and also , Let's do a detoxing massage for your Lungs and your Sinuses , and your body... So, for your needs , we would like to introduce our head Treatment , and couple of meridian massage combination   .  

30 mins Head Treatment --$60
There is plenty accupunture points involved in the facial massage and scalp massage , also we will use peppermint essential Oil for scalp massage , and Anti-inflammation Base cream (Mint Smell) for Facial massage .
30 mins Head Treatment with 30 mins arms and hand massage
This combination is for Lung Meridian Energy Flow, both Arms are Lung Meridian flow Channel . massage arms and shoulders is good for detox your lungs. 
30 mins Head Treatment with One hour Peppermint essential oil Aromatherapy Massage-- $140
Peppermint Essential Oil is great for Muscle relaxation, This combination is perfect for releasing your upper back tension and detox your full body stress , and also refresh your mind .


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