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Ke Hu   胡可



Licensed State Massage Therapist 


Certified Medical Massage for the neck and Upper Torso


Certified Medical massage for the Lower Extremities ,


Certified Oncology Massage : Caring for your Cancer Patient  


Certified for Traditional Chinese Medicine special course 


Certified for GM Collin Skin Care products and treatment


Certified for Traditional Thai Massage

Certified for Medical Massage professional and advanced level 

Certified  for fundamentals and advanced Lymphatic Drainage 

My Speciality 


As a Massage Therapist have been working for 10 more years with different needs customer , I would like offer  Therapeutic type of Massages with Firm and relaxing movement combination , Focus working on Acupuncture Point and stumilate Muscle Rejuvenate to improve Customer 's body range motion, and Release your Muscular Pain ,  and Also improving your Energy level and sleeping quality .  I always Recommend repeating sessions for  improve your muscle problems and also would like you to call to only talk about your concern. 




How to Book an Appointment with Ke : Please Text or Call to number : 732-788-6588, one week ahead is recommended .


Massage Charge (Tax and credit card process fee include)


Deep Tissue massage : $120 for 1 hour , $180 for 90 mins ,$ 200 for two hours


Prenatal Massage : $ 120 for 1 hour ,$180 for 90 mins 


Oncology Massage: $90 for a hour 


Thai Massage : $120 for a hour , or signature massage with Thai massage Combo 90 mins for $ 160

Manual Lymphatic Drainage 30 mins $60 , 60 mins  $120 , 90 mins $180






Facial price -- (Tax and Credit Card process fee include)


signature facial : $130 (90mins)


Collagen facial : $168 (120 mins)


Botinol facial  :$168(120 mins)


Hydra Facial : $168 (120 mins)





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